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Old June 23rd, 2011, 06:46 PM
Guerri Stevens Guerri Stevens is offline
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Default Forum Management

Who are the managers of this site? I ask because I have one of the tapcis.com Email addresses. This Email is now hosted by Google, and without going into my long rant on the subject, Google is making some changes. The tapcis.com Email addresses are considered to be "organizational" or more accurately, "Google Apps" addresses. They are not private, but are owned by tapcis.com. And it is tapcis.com that determines how they may be used.

In my case, what I care about is that apparently the tapcis.com Email address may not be used to join a Google group, which is what I'd like to do with mine. I believe it is a legitimate use, but the tapcis.com management has to do something to permit it.

I sent a private message here to Judy Russell, but I don't think she's checked in lately.

-- Guerri
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