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Old July 4th, 2005, 09:52 PM
Guerri Stevens Guerri Stevens is offline
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Default Thunderbird and tapcis.com Email

I am not sure whether this belongs here or in the non-TAPCIS technical section and/or whether I should be reporting this elsewhere.

I am having a problem with feeds from the Coryphaeus group (Dixonary) to my tapcis.com Email account. Messages from one person have not been delivered since June 20th. There is a more detailed discussion of the problem in the Parlor.

But what I found out today via an experiment, is that tapcis.com Email is apparently rejecting mail with what it considers to be improper character coding, saying that this user does not accept email with non-western characters. I can't find anything on the Webmail site that allows me to specify what character coding I will accept, although I may have missed something there.

The person whose messages are not being delivered sent three messages (not through the Coryphaeus group) with different character encoding. Two of them arrived at Webmail. I didn't know whether I could read them and still leave them there, so I did not read them because I wanted to find out whether Thunderbird would read them. When I posted this originally I thought T-bird had not picked up the two messages that tapcis.com had accepted, but I was foolishly looking for them in the Dixonary folder I set up in T-bird, and not the inbox.

Does anyone have any ideas about this?

I have T-bird set for Western (ISO-8859-1) and have not checked the boxes at the bottom of the Character Encodings section under Fonts (Tools>Options>Fonts). One of the messages that made it to me has charset=Windows-1252 and the other has ISO-8859-1. The one that failed would have been Windows-1250 which T-bird calls "central European" and maybe tapcis.com considers this "non western".

A side issue is that when I ask T-bird to display full headers it sometimes doesn't show all the header text and there are no scroll bars to scroll down or side to side.

Last edited by Guerri Stevens; July 4th, 2005 at 10:42 PM. Reason: Discovery of error in original posting
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