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Old May 27th, 2005, 03:35 PM
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Default Email Mirror of Web Forum

Starting a new thread here, a spinoff of the RSS Feed discussion.

My objective is to get this forum set up as a 'primary' spot for the Dixonary Game, while still allowing users to read/reply to threads via an email client.

I had thought about doing this myself via an intermediate server poasting to a yahoo groups, but there are better options, specifically:

There are vBulletin hacks available to send all posts to email, and fetch email replies from a pop3 server.

NNTP Gateway for Usenet ( Newsgroups ), Mailing Lists supports sending forum messages to a mailing list.

vB Email Reply 0.7BETA fetches emails from a pop3 account and posts them.

Now we just need our wonderful admins to install these! (He says, laughing at how easy that sounds and how hard it will probably be.)
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