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Old July 1st, 2005, 04:07 PM
Guerri Stevens Guerri Stevens is offline
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Default Spam Addressed to TAPCIS.COM

I got a piece of spam today. I am using Thunderbird, and I have filters to direct mail from my various Email accounts to separate folders. Anything not matching the filters goes to my Inbox folder. Since I have only three Email accounts right now, that would mean that what lands in the Inbox should have been addressed to me at tapcis.com. And yes, I have tested the filters.

The spam that arrived today was visibly addressed to larsenpbs@compuserve.com. I suspect that I was a blind copy, but if so, shouldn't my Email address appear somewhere?

Telling T-bird to show all headers doesn't reveal anything that relates to me.

The above is all a digression but I would like to know how to see whatever it is that caused the mail to come to me, especially so since I would like to know for sure what Email address was used.

Mainly, though, how do I report this spam to tapcis.com or go daddy or whoever? And if I forward the message, will T-bird correctly include all the header information that might be needed?
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