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Old June 15th, 2005, 09:13 PM
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Default Only show unread messages in threads?

Is there a way to look at a thread and see only the messages in it that you haven't already seen before?

I look at the threads in the view where the messages are all there and you scroll down through them ("hybrid" mode). Some of them are starting to get pretty long, and there are an awful lot of messages to scroll down through before finding anything I haven't already seen. That gets really tiresome really quickly.

In the "old" Tapcis, once you looked at a message it was marked as "read" unless you specifically marked it as "unread." When you went through the threads, you would just see the "unread" (both new and the ones you had re-marked) messages.

I tried searching the FAQ with "read and unread messages" and "mark messages as unread" and such but got no hits. It would be really great if that feature could be replicated in the new Tap.

Thanks for information on how to set that up if it is here or for considering it as a future enhancement if it's not.

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