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Old June 13th, 2005, 08:33 PM
Guerri Stevens Guerri Stevens is offline
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Default Possible Software Changes

I will start off by admitting that I have not read whatever it is I should read to understand how the software works.

There are two things that annoy me, and if they annoy others as well, perhaps they could be changed.

The first is the location of the submit new thread or the post reply or whatever button. I am using Mozilla, and as I compose this message, I see the top box with the Tapcis logo and forum name, the post new thread title, then there is a blue box. At the top is a darker blue bar with "Post New Thread" on the left and "Forum: Forum Use and Help" on the right. Below that is a large box, inside of which are the title, the message box, and the icons. These are all in boxes which are narrower than the Post New Thread box. The "submit new thread" button is out of sight. Yes, I could scroll down to it. However, there is lots of unused space in view. Why couldn't the "submit new thread" and "preview post" buttons be there in some of that unused space? Ditto for other types of messages being composed, such as the quick reply.

The other annoyance is what happens when I post a quick reply, and probably also when I post an ordinary reply or reply with quotes. I am using the hybrid view, which shows a message tree at the top, with the messages following. When I use quick reply, after posting the reply, I am taken to it and if I a remembering correctly, even if the reply is not at the end of the entire discussion, that is the last message I see. To get back to the rest I have to go back up to the tree. (As I said, I haven't read the instructions). And if I click on the tree where I left off, I believe I get to see only that message, not the rest of the messages in the tree from that point on.
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