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Old June 9th, 2005, 10:55 PM
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Default Q

Judy, I've set up Firefox on the laptop to see if I like it any better than I did before. (Curiosity killed the cat.)

Perhaps foolishly, I told it to import things from IE. It evidently imported the CS DUN IE had somewhere in a closet, and I can't find any way, any where, to change it. Now that I'm back (lovely trip to the slopes of Shasta & Lassen) I'm setting up the laptop to do more connected things, like e-mail and fun (TapCis) and the CS connection is unbearably slow after the accelerated dialup my ISP Fire2Wire offers. Aside from the fact that I'm cancelling it as soon as I get caught up a little, like first thing in the morning.

Any ideas? No way am I asking you at PCis --this connection is so slow I can hardly stand it here!

Maybe we need a "connectivity" section for a while... that was a pretty important part of the OLR TapCis forum, now I think of it. Anything to get Pete hanging out here more!
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