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Old December 7th, 2005, 10:57 AM
Ed Plowman Ed Plowman is offline
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Default mail.msg didn't separate some msgs!

What is the marker that Tap uses to keep msgs separate rather than combining many into a single msg?

I was using my trusty old reliable WP Office Editor to clean up my mail.msg file. I must have hit a wrong key; when I resaved, deleted the mail.~msg file, and went back into Tap, all of my msgs between Nov. 22 and Dec. 6 were now listed as a single post. All msgs prior to Nov. 22 were correctly indexed, and all following Dec. 6.

In reading, I can work my way down through the last Nov. 22 msg using the PgDn key. All the posts are there. Any reply, of course, would be to the Nov. 22 post.

I went back into WP Editor and closely examined the Nov. 22 and 23 posts. There were no weird codes lurking between the msgs. The four lines in each "envelope" were structured identically to all the preceding ones (that work): at least two hard returns followed by #:<space> at the beginning of Line 1, date preceded by four blank spaces on second line, Sb:<space>, and Fm:<space>.

I had thought these four lines were key to Tap keeping the msgs separated and indexed.

Any idea how I can convince Tap all the messages in question are separate ones?

ed p.
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