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Old September 14th, 2005, 09:35 PM
Guerri Stevens Guerri Stevens is offline
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Default New Forum Software?

I noticed something awhile ago and Judy said if I saw it again, please get a screen copy. Well, I don't remember what that was, but tonight I saw something different: a note at the left of a thread title saying "you have 1 post(s) in this thread" or something similar.

I did a screen copy and pasted it into a WordPerfect document for lack of anything better to do with it. If anyone wants it, how can I get it to you? I am not sure I can extract it from WordPerfect again, but I probably can. I've seen messages with words like "look at this" and the "this" will be a link, but I have no idea how to create that kind of thing in a message.
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