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Old July 21st, 2022, 05:35 AM
Tim Lodge
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3268 HARMAN Defs - Vote Now!

Here we have 10 defs of the word HARMAN, only one of which comes from my
dictionary. There are some great inventions here - I hope I've managed to
get the text decorations as you wished them. Please vote for your two
favourites by public reply to this message before the deadline, which is:

09:00 UTC/GMT on Saturday 23rd July
10:00 BST in London
11:00 CET in France and the Netherlands
5:00 AM EDT in New York
2:00 AM PDT in California
21:00 NZST in New Zealand

New players are welcome - just don't look up the word until after you've

-- Tim L

*** HARMAN ***

1. an obnoxious or despicable male.

2. Ox or horse drawn two-wheeled vehicle.

3. A style of swaddling blanket for newborns.

4. (Gr. Antiq.) A heavy-armed infantry soldier.

5. A smuggler (esp of sheep, from England to France).

6. a type of wooden saddle used by Spaniards in the 14th and 15th

7. 1. plural *harmans*, the stocks. 2. Short for *harman-beck* n.: A

8. [rural Scot. obs.] a secondary officer of the law who can take
evidence in cases of straying animals etc. Usually used negatively as in
the phrase *dinna tell the harman* [from hardman]

9. Thought to be a threshing floor, known only from the medieval verse
"Twenty turns ye harman round / Cavil, cavil all ye horses" found with an
illustration of same in a copy of "The Owl and the Nightingale" (c. 1200,
author unk.)

10. ermine [OF *(h)ermine* infl. by eME *harma* < OE *hearma* ‘dormouse,
ferret, stoat, weasel’; remoter etymology disputed, but both poss. ult.
from PIE **kʹormōn* represented by OHG *harmo* and Lithuanian *szermu̇*]

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