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Old July 22nd, 2019, 09:55 AM
Mike Shefler
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3000 - mistake.

Sorry, I left the last few lines out of the last def. Here is the full def.
Voting deadline remains the same.
Long words (or phrases) lead to long defs. Here are 11 for OLD JOHNNY
Vote for your 2 favorites no later than 5 PM EDT, Tuesday, July 23.

1. in roulette, an outside bet on black.

2. an alternate version of "garbage in, garbage out."

3. One who has escaped, though deserving of the gallows.

4. the last line of a count-me-in, count-me-out children's game.

5. from an old work song, it means "it is never too late to make a
contribution to the common good".

6. traditional RAF mechanics’ exhortation for a repair to succeed (from
‘crap out’, to break or fail).

7. the process of adding yeast to the mash to facilitate the
fermentation of moonshine. (N. Amer. sl.)

8. a cocktail comprised of whiskey, tequila, lime juice, and simple
syrup, topped with ginger beer and Angostura bitters.

9. a coarse invitation to hurry up (thought to be from a phonetic
corruption of an Urdu phrase of that meaning, acquired by English
sailors loading cargo in Indian ports).

10. another name for the species of cushion plant known as vegetable
sheep (Raoulia rubra). A native of the Rocky Mountains, the vegetable
sheep plant has small white flowers and hairy leaves which, from a
distance, gives it a sheep-like appearance.

An old English game where all players sit round the fire and put out their
feet. The master of the game repeats—' Onery, twoery, dickery,
dary, Wispey, spindey, spoke of the lindey, Old Johnny Hairy,
Crap in.' Each word is repeated to a man ; and when the leader
comes to 'Crap in,' the man specified draws in his foot. When
all have drawn in their feet but one, this one must then kneel
down, and his eyes being blindfolded, the master of the game puts
his elbow on his back and strikes him with his elbow or fist,
saying—'Hurley, hurley, trump the trace, the cow ran through
the market-place. Simon Alley hunt the buck, How many horns
stand up ?' at the same time holding up several fingers. The man
kneeling down has to guess the number. If he guesses correctly,
the master of the game takes his place. If he fails to guess, he is
kept down and another man goes and strikes his back, and so on.

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