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Old June 14th, 2019, 03:28 PM
Johnb - co.uk
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Default [Dixonary] Rnd

Tim Lodge scored┬* 6 and is our next dealer The real winner is Judy
Madnick with 5 (unnatural) points

Over to you Tim


┬*1. [Obs.] Gorse...
Voted for by MadnickJ, AbellT [From OED Online 2019 who can't vote] and
scored me┬* D2

┬*2. a twig. [Obs.]...
Voted for by nobody [From Dan Widdis who voted for 7 and 12] and scores = 0

┬*3. Tree of Knowledge...
Voted for by StevensG, LodgeT [From Debbie Embler who voted for 7 and
12] and scores [2 + 0] = 2

┬*4. a fast sorting algorithm...
Voted for by ShepherdsonN [From Tony Abell who voted for 1* and 6] and
scores [1 + 2] = 3*

┬*5. (military) an arrangement of snipers...
Voted for by ShepherdsonN [From Guerri Stevens who voted for 3 and 7]
and scores [1 + 0] = 1

┬*6. a Nigerian slang term for a cell phone tower...
Voted for by AbellT [From Nancy Shepherdson who voted for 4 and 5] and
scores [1 + 0] = 1

┬*7. a stand on which knights hung their shields between jousts at a
Voted for by StevensG, MadnickJ, CarsonC, SheflerM, WiddisD, EmblerD
[From Tim Lodge who voted for 3 and 9] and scores [6 + 0] = 6

┬*8. in Norse mythology, a tree in which the soul of a fallen warrior was
believed to reside....
Voted for by nobody [From Chris Carson who voted for 7 and 9] and
scores┬* = 0

┬*9. an etymological diagram showing the relationship between morphemes
and the words thus derived...
Voted for by CarsonC, MallachE, LodgeT [From Ryan McGill who voted for
10 and 11] and scores [3 + 0] = 3

10. [Comp.] a data structure consisting of two or more trees with varying
numbers of┬* links between their nodes...
Voted for by MallachE, McGillR [From Mike Shefler who voted for 7 and
12] and scores [2 + 0] = 2

11. a data tree structure in which, at every level, the left branch
contains (as nearly as possible) twice as many elements as the right branch
Voted for by McGillR [From Efrem Mallach who voted for 9 and 10] and
scores [1 + 0] = 1

12. found mostly in the Pacific Islands, a unique tree that develops
strange rainbow coloration when the surface layer of bark falls off, the
bark underneath turns brown and over time changes co...
Voted for by SheflerM, WiddisD, EmblerD [From Judy Madnick who voted for
1* and 7] and scores [3 + 2] = 5*


OED Online 2019┬*┬*┬*┬* D2
Dan Widdis┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 0
Debbie Embler┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 2
Tony Abell┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 3*
Guerri Stevens┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 1
Nancy Shepherdson┬*┬* 1
Tim Lodge┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 6
Chris Carson┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 0
Ryan McGill┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 3
Mike Shefler┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 2
Efrem Mallach┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 1
Judy Madnick┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬*┬* 5*

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