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Old August 4th, 2020, 05:14 PM
Johnb - co.uk
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Default [Dixonary] Rnd 3093 TIB RESULTS

TIB Results

Dan is the next dealer with 5 votes and Tony is the winner with 4

Â*TIB can be short for tibia, but I eliminated that. Tib and Tom are
like Jack and Jill but with the hint of a paid-for adult relationship;
but I chose a schoolboy slang expression to break bounds - it gave me a D1

Â*Over to you Dan


1, a short sometimes humorous piece in a newspaper or magazine usually
used as a filler
Voted for by Efrem,, Judy, Mike and scores 3
From Chris Carson, who voted 14,3

2, a shoot; a sprout. [Obs.]Voted for
Voted for by Chris, Paul, Shani, Tim B, Alan and scores *5*
From Dan Widdis who voted 3,13

3, [OE]Â*a thief, especially of church relics, a seller of fake relics
Voted for by Dan and scores 1
Dave Cunningham who voted for 12, 13

4, a coffee bean which fragments during roasting
No votes and scores 0
From Debbie Embler, voted for 5,9

5, early proposed term for the basic unit of information storage in a
quantum computer, discarded in favor of /qubit/
Voted for by Debbie, Tim B and scores 2
From Efrem Mallach, who voted for 1,15,

6, a loose thread or fringe of a garment or cloth
No Votes and scores 0
From Judy Madnick, who voted, 1,15,

7, to slip out; to escape unobserved from school or house; to break bounds
Voted for by ,Tim L gives me a D1
OED Can’t vote

8, a sprite
Voted for by Ryan and scores 1
From Paul Keating, who voted for 2,9

9, a shilling
Voted for by Debbie, Paul and scores 2
From Shani Naylor, who voted for 2,14

10, a type of medicinal drink used in medieval times, consisting of a
herbal tea with a thickening agent to soothe the throat,
No votes and scores 0
From Tim Bourne, who voted 2,5

11, a sailor’s tool for fastening and unfastening shackles
Voted for by Ryan and scores 3*
Tim Lodge who voted , 7*,12

12, an indentation for preventing a bolt head projecting above a surface
Voted for by Dave, TimL, Alan, Mike and scores 4
From Tony Abell, who voted 13,15

13, , (Yorks. dialect) a little thing, a trifle (probably from 'bit')
Voted for by Dan, Dave and scores 2
From Alan Mallach who voted 2,12

14, A recently-sprouted seedling tree
Voted for by Chris and Shani and scores 2
From Nancy Sheperdson, who didn’t vote

15, [Newsroom sl.] a secondary headline in a newspaper or magazine article,
Voted for by Efrem, Judy and scores 2
From Mike Shefler, who voted 1,12,

16, **no def received**
No votes scores 0
From Ryan MacGill who voted 8,11,


Chris Carson


Dan Widdis


Dave Cunningham


Debbie Embler


Efrem Mallach


Judy Madnick


Johnny Barrs (OED)


Paul Keating


Shani Naylor


Tim Bourne


Tim Lodge


Tony Abell


Alan Mallach


Nancy Sheperdson


Mike Shefler


Ryan MacGill


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