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Old August 3rd, 2020, 04:26 AM
Johnb - co.uk
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Default [Dixonary] Rnd 3093 TIB Voting time

The word is TIB

below are the submitted definitions which include the real def from a
dictionary; Don'tÂ* look up the word but do vote publicly for 2 defs
which tickle your fancy - or maybe seem correct - by

10:00 pm (2200) BST Tuesday 4th August 2020 (and your own times as
appropriate (check)

CET 2300, East USA 1800, West USA 1400, and Canberra 0700 the next morning

Over to you


1. a short sometimes humorous piece in a newspaper or magazine usually
used as a filler.

2. a shoot; a sprout. [Obs.]

3. [OE]Â*a thief, especially of church relics, a seller of fake relics

4. a coffee bean which fragments during roasting

5. early proposed term for the basic unit of information storage in a
quantum computer, discarded in favor of /qubit/

6. a loose thread or fringe of a garment or cloth

7. to slip out; to escape unobserved from school or house; to break

8. a sprite

9. a shilling

10. a type of medicinal drink used in medieval times, consisting of a
herbal tea with a thickening agent to soothe the throat

11. a sailor’s tool for fastening and unfastening shackles

12. an indentation for preventing a bolt head projecting above a surface

13. (Yorks. dialect) a little thing, a trifle (probably from 'bit')

14. A recently-sprouted seedling tree

15. [Newsroom sl.] a secondary headline in a newspaper or magazine article

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