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Old December 22nd, 2019, 10:36 PM
Ryan McGill
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Default [Dixonary] 3037 SITH vote

Hey, everyone!

We have an unspecified number of inventive definitions for SITH, some of
which have been combined, to yield these 7, which have been mildly edited
for consistency in formatting and then sorted in alphabetical order. Any
errors remaining are surely artifacts of my intervention.

One of these definitions was verified by a dictionary source. The remainder
were clever deceptions dreamed up by your fellow players. Please vote for
two by public reply to this message.

1. a brimless cap.
2. easily procured. [*Not used.*]
3. the eighth chakra in the Buddhist meditation system, corresponding to
the moment just before achievement of nirvana.
4. a group of ornamental ponds arranged in a formal design.
5. [Bot.] in a flower, the point at which the anther attaches to the
6. a name for plants of the genus Nigella - especially *N sativa*;
sometimes applied to the corncockle *Agrostemma githago.*
7. [rare] variant of since.

I have checked my SPAM folder, and the only messages I received were offers
to augment my income or my love life, so I'm relatively certain none of
them came from anyone on this forum (aside from the bots). If I still
somehow missed your definition, please let me know.

Those new to the game may vote, as may veteran players and those who did
not submit a definition. But do please vote before looking the word

Deadline for voting shall be 00:01 UTC on Wednesday, the 25th of December,
2019, provided that gives enough leeway. You can verify your local time


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