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Old February 8th, 2018, 08:03 AM
—Keith Hale—
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Default [Dixonary]: Time To Vote in Round 2870: AUCUPATION

Here is our not-quite-dozen of crafty bluffs and one from a dictionary.
You may vote even if you are brand new to the game, please vote early and
often (but only two defs total) by the voting deadline which i declare as
being 8PM (20:00) Friday: 9 February 2018 C.E.: US Central Time Zone
(Texas, yee-haw!) or the corresponding time in your local time zone.

Any formatting woes or typoes are on me, not the defs in the list.

If, upon perusing the list you are sure that you can see the real
definition, PLEASE do not vote - OR hit "Reply" at all. Instead,
please send me a private email to [ thoughtstorms (AT) gmail (DOT) com ] telling
me that you have to disqualify yourself. Keeps it fair, and hopefully
won't happen much.

1> [Med.] Any localized discoloration of the skin.
2> Birdcatching; fowling.
3> The applying of suction to a snake-bite to extract the venom
4> An elaborate joke or prank.
5> Localized paralysis of facial muscles.
6> A performance of a play.
7> _Med._ Localised massage to relieve muscle cramp.
8> The use of explosives to perform seismic tomography of underground
features for mining or drilling.
9> Legal transfer by actual or symbolic sale.
10> [Cartog.] The use of a tri-colored gradient on the southern boundary
of a geographical entity, in order to give a simulated depth to the map.
11> A generous act.

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