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Old November 16th, 2019, 09:43 AM
Dave Cunningham
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Default [Dixonary] HIANT results

1. gaping [Chambers] NV (Barrs) (Lodge) (Naylor) 3
2. chaos and confusion [Abell] NV (Madnick) (Embler) 2
3. a grapple in wrestling [Widdis] 6 7 nil
4. the orang-utan, _pongo pygmaeus_ [Naylor] *1 5 (Shefler) 2+1 = 3
5. _architecture_ a flat disk used as an ornament [Carson] NV (Madnick)
(Naylor) 2
6. living at or related to the bottom of a lake or sea [Mallach] NV
(Widdis) 1
7. a small wild goose that breeds in Arctic regions and has a black neck
and head [Madnick] 2 5 (Barrs) (Embler) (Shefler) (Widdis) 4!!
8. [obs[ old form of chianti; always used as a noun and most frequntly as
a derogatory reference to it being thin and watery [Barrs] *1 7 (Lodge) 2 +
1 = 3

Lodge *1 8 + 2 ATTpoints 2+2 = 4!
Embler 2 7 +2 ATTpoints 2+0 = 2
Shefler 4 7 +2 ATTpoints 2+0 = 2
McGill 2 4 +2 " = 2
Next time I will *only* use my old collect compuserve address. Safer.

The new dealer SHOUD be ATT, but, lacking that, Ms. Madnick has the honor
of dealing.


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