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Old June 21st, 2020, 10:31 AM
'Mike Shefler' via Dixonary
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3082 - time to vote for PEESKER

Here are 16 definitions for PEESKER, one of which came from the dictionary.
Vote for your two favorites no later than 9 AM EDT, Tuesday June 23.

1. [Origin obsc. Perhaps Eastern European] a layabout, a

2. a nosy neighbor.

3. a circular volcanic landform resulting from explosive ash eruptions.

4. the act of turning your back on someone to give them privacy.

5. a privy near the bow of the vessel.

6. a multi-nozzled fountain.

7. a religious prophet [originally a spoonerism of 'speaker']

8. a structural, weight-bearing crossbar.

9. [Yiddish] also PISKER or PIZSKER; one hired or assigned to bear the
burdens of another; [colloq.] a baggage-handler or porter.

10. a peach.

11. of corn : thin, lean ; used humorously.

12. a pickled herring.

13. [n equestrian competition, a horse jump with two rails of the same

14. something admirable or first-rate.

15. one who is abrupt and curt in manner or speech.

16. fisherman [SAf, origin uncertain].

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