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Old November 12th, 2017, 02:30 PM
Guerri Stevens
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Default [Dixonary] OT: AVG Antivirus again

I cannot understand what is going on with my AVG antivirus software. I
have two AVG icons on my desktop:

one is labelled AVG and claims to have been created 6/29; the other is
labelled AVG Antivirus Free and claims to have been created today

According to my notes, I ran AVG today and it said that it was out of
date and I told it to update itself. I suspect that when that happens,
instead of removing the old version and replacing it with a new version,
it creates a new icon for the new version. Why would it do that?

Of course I cannot, at this point, be sure that's what it did, but there
*are* two icons, when I would like there to be only one, and that
properties of the one-and-only would reference the updated software. I
didn't look at the actual files on my disk, not, as yet, having the
mental strength for that.

My inclination is to delete the icon with the earlier date after first
deleting the software being referenced by it and also checking on the
software referenced by the newer icon and making sure that I don't end
up deleting the newer software. Possibly I am at fault in some way, but
I have used AVG for years, and had no trouble that I can recall. Until now.


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