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Old November 12th, 2017, 04:33 AM
Shani Naylor
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2949 results

Hi all

Our winner this round is Tim Lodge, with his "inky-pinky, dinky-doo" rhyme.
Tim told me this definition should save him from the deal. No such luck Tim
- you scored a natural 5. The real winner is Tim Bourne, with 4 natural
points, whom I'd like to thank as I've had the words "inky-pinky
parlez-vous" swirling around in my head all weekend. Funny that a WWI song
can be so familiar - it must be in a lot of movies & TV shows.

Take it away Tim!

1. Small.
Ryan M, who voted 7 & 8. Score: 1
Vote from Tim B.

2. Small beer.
Vote from Dave C & Johnny B.

3. A counterfeiter.
Guerri S, who voted 5 & 8. Score: 3
Vote from Tim L, Tim B & Tony A.

4. Lively; buoyant.
Chris C, who didn’t vote. Score: 0

5. Of dubious authenticity.
Steve G, who didn’t vote. Score: 2.
Votes from Judy M & Guerri S.

6. A rhyming verse of no poetical merit.
Dan W, who voted 8 & 13. Score: 1
Vote from Judy M.

7. [NZ sl.] unpleasant (rhyme with "stinky")
Dave C, who voted *2* & 13. Score: 4

Votes from Ryan M & Efrem M.

8. Not well put together; poorly constructed.
Judy M, who voted 5 & 6. Score: 3

Votes from Ryan M, Dan W & Guerri S.

9. A small flowering annual with dark blue and light red blossoms.
Efrem M, who voted 7 & 13. Score: 1
Vote from Mike S.

10. [Slang] A "do-over" or "Mulligan" - most particularly used in video
Keith H, who voted 12 & 13. Score: 0

11. Sexual activity or dalliance; especially of a surreptitious nature
[euphemism for *hanky- panky*]
Johnny B, who voted *2* & 12. Score: 2

12. [sl.] Anything French, from a line in the First World War song
"Mademoiselle from Armentieres".
Tim B, who voted 1 & 3. Score: 4

Votes from Tim L, Johnny B, Keith H & Mike S.

13. The person selected as the chaser in a children's game by the chooser
pointing a finger at a different person in the group on each word of the
rhyme "Inky-pinky, dinky-doo; wibbly, wobbly, we choose YOU", the chaser
being the person to whom the finger points on the last word.
Tim L, who voted 3 & 12. Score: 5
Votes from Dave C, Dan W, Efrem M, Keith H & Tony A.

No def:

Mike S, who voted 9 & 12. Score: 0
Tony A, who voted 3 & 13. Score: 0

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