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Old November 3rd, 2017, 06:23 PM
Shani Naylor
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Default [Dixonary] Round 2847: results

Hi all

The runaway winner of this game is Johnny B who scored 8 points. Johnny and
Tim B submitted definitions for PREBLE which were identical in meaning, but
slightly different in wording and which I combined. Tim B, therefore, is
the real winner, with 6 points. The actual dictionary meaning was "gravel".

My apologies go to Dan W, who submitted a def in good time, but which I
somehow overlooked. I have awarded him 2 dealer points.

And Dave - good to see you playing!

Just one further thing, as I think it's only the second time I've combined
defs - is there a convention to let the players know beforehand, so they
can change their def if they wish?

Take it away Johnny!

1. Gravel.
Votes from Dave C, Johnny B & Tony A.

2. A disclaimer.
Keith H, who voted 5 & 6. Score: 1
Vote from Tim B.

3. A working-class person.
Tony A, who voted *1* & 11. Score: 2

No votes.

4. A kind of flatbottom rowboat.
Chris C, who voted 6 & 11. Score: 0

No votes.

5. [Rare] to speak extemporaneously.
Mike S, who voted 8 & 11. Score: 2

Votes from Tim L & Keith H.

6. A trinket; a cheap, worthless article.
Judy M, who voted 10 & 11. Score: 4

Votes from Tim B, Guerri S, Chris C & Keith H.

7. The chain and hook used to hang a garment bag.
Nancy S, who did not vote. Score: 3

Votes from Ryan M, Dan W, Efrem M

8. (Informal) an altar boy, esp. in Protestant churches.
Efrem M, who voted 7 & 10. Score: 3

Vote from Johnny B, Mike S & Dan W.

9. [S. W. Eng. Regional] another name for a spokeshave.
Tim L, who voted 5 & 10. Score: 1
Vote from Ryan M.

10. A plastic or rubber plug affixed to the inside of a pipe by small
Ryan M, who voted 7 & 9. Score: 3

Votes from Tim L, Judy M & Efrem M.

*11. *Land belonging to a cathedral or collegiate church set aside for the
financial support of a prebendary or canon.
Johnny B, who voted *1* & 8. Score: 8
Tim B, who voted 2 & 6. Score: 6

Votes from Dave C, Judy M, Guerri S, Mike S, Tony A & Chris C.

*No def: *

Guerri S, who voted 6 & 11. Score: 0
Dave C, who voted *1* & 11. Score: 2
Dan W, who voted 7 & 8. Score: 2 (dealer points)

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