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Old December 8th, 2019, 02:45 PM
Johnb - co.uk
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Default [Dixonary] rnd 3033 RUDISTS, results

Well, what an interesting round - the real definition was a major reef
forming bivalve which became extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period
- ie #2 - 3 people voted for it thus giving me a D3

Benj Evans long offering takes the honours with a 7*and so he is the
next dealer (anyone will offer to help if you need to ask). Debbie E is
the actual winner with a natural 5

I hope I have scored this correctly - by hand as my other mc is
currently down and it has my software* - all errors are mine but I hope
that there aren't any

Over to you Benj,


1*** submitted by Tim B who voted for 6, 9
*** collective term for the followers of certain religous movements
such as Amish and Mennonites that sought to live a "rude", i.e. simple,
******* voted for by Tony A, Shani N. *** =2
2*** submitted by OED which cannot vote
*** a fossil mollusc of the order Hippuritoida (or Rudistes)
******* voted for by Benj E, Tony A, Mike S = gains the Dictionary a D3
3*** submitted by Judy M who voted for 6, 12
*** noncomformists
******* voted for ny no-one*** *** = 0
4*** submitted by Ryan Mc who didn't vote
*** one who mocks
*** voted for by no-one*** *** = 0
5*** submitted by Tim L who voted for 7,14*** spreaders or spacers used
in canvas-covered airplane construction
******* voted for by Dan W, Stephen D** = 2
6*** submitted by Debbie E*** who voted for 7,12
******* cherries of a golden color
******* voted for by Tim B Judy M, Chris C, Efrem M, Dave C = 5
7*** submitted by Benj who voted foe 2*,11
an early 19th century Northumbrian circle of Romantic thinkers who most
notably vilified formal education, particularly grammar schools,
espousing rather the ideal of the innately good child in the vein of
Rousseau and Wm. Blake, among others. The Rudists took great inspiration
from Wordsworth’s poem, “The Tables Turned”, published in his
influential 1798* Lyrical Ballads in which he writes, “let nature be
your teacher”. Among their number were average-adjuster and poet Edward
Irving Todd (1790?-1861), notorious for his 1825 poem "Lady Grammar,
Damn Her!", George Thomas Rudd (1795-1847), clergyman and founder of the
Royal Entomological Society, and Durham wool merchant Paul Hood
(1786-1846). Not to be confused with the Roodists, 18th century
Calvinist ministers who favored a simple crucifix over the complete
abstention from church adornment practiced by their peers
******* voted for by Tim L, Debbie E, Chris C, Efrem M, Dave C =7* (NEW
8*** submitted Dan W*** who voted 5,12
******* X-rated media broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or
*** voted for by no-one *** *** = 0
9*** submitted by Nancy S who voted for 11,14
*** foot fetishists, in their literature
******* voted for by Tim B, Mike S, Shani N = 3
10*** submitted by Chris C*** who voted for 6,7
******* one involved in a struggle or competition
******* voted for by no-one *** *** = 0
11*** submitted by Tony A who voted for 1, 2*
*** measles
******* voted for by Benj E, Nancy S**** = 4*
12*** submitted by Efrem M who voted for 7,14
*** the stress bars that brace the frame (plate) of a piano
******* voted for by Judy M, Debbie E, Dan W = 3
13*** submitted by Stephen D*** who voted for 5,6
******* people who shun or avoid sunlight; Heliophobes
******* voted for by no-one *** ******** = 0
14*** submitted Mike S who voted for 2*, 9
*** [Chiefly Scot.] lambs born prematurely
******* voted for by Tim L, Nancy S, Efrem M = 5*
15*** Dave C*** who voted for* 6,7
******* ###no def##*** *** = 0
16*** Shani N*** who voted for 1,9
******** ###no def##*********** = 0

*Tim B*** *** 2
OED*** *** D3
Judy M*** *** 0
Ryan Mc*** ******* 0
Tim L*** *** 2
Debbie E*** 5
Benj E*** *** 7*
Dan W*** *** 0
Nancy S*** *** 3
Chris C*** *** 0
Tony A*** *** 4*
Efrem M*** *** 3
Stephen D*** 0
Mike S*** *** 5*
Dave C*** *** 0
Shani N*** *** 0*

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