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Old November 3rd, 2019, 09:49 AM
Mike Shefler
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3025 vote for QVEVRI

Here are 14 definitions for QVEVRI, one of which came from the dictionary
Vote for your two favorites no later than 5 PM EST, Monday, November 4.

1. [Old English] quiver.

2. [Khoekhoe] a hunting spear used by Kalahari bushmen.

3. the act of disentangling oneself from a difficult situation.

4. an unexpected solution to a problem.

5. a European oak, _Qvervus petraea_, yielding a heavy, elastic wood
used for furniture and in the construction of buildings.

6. a large, aquatic, Australian lizard, allied to the monitors.

7. the Incan goddess of the harvest.

8. [Pash.] the opium poppy.

9. an Ü-Tsang dialect spoken also in part of Kham, a form of the Tibetic
languages that has many commonalities with Standard Tibetan, the
official language of the Chinese Autonomous Region of Tibet.

10. large earthenware vessels used for the fermentation, storage and
ageing of traditional Georgian wine

11. the cloudberry or knoutberry, a low, single stemmed, single flowered
raspberry. [Alaskan Inupiaq - where it is also called AQPIK]

12. an ancient irrigation system consisting of a tunnel dug at a very
slight upward gradient into rising ground so that water from deep
within the earth runs out to the surface.

13. a kind of liturgical melody common in Turkish worship in the late
Middle Ages.

14. a large lake on the border of the municipalities of Alta, Kautokeino,
and Karasjok in Finnmark county, Norway.

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