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Old July 12th, 2011, 04:56 PM
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I don't remember any expiration/nagware limitations in TAP. I think for TAP 3 and 4 you had to call and get a floppy sent. I got too many versions free to remember. You might track down Loren -- through Skye L., Mike???

For early micro nagware/registration/3rd_party_sales_agent stuff, you might Google "Atlantic." I believe they were the anointed successors to CompuServe, which briefly was a sales agent for shareware, oh, ca. 1989. Reminders/trialware early adopters? Sorry, not me. The rest is dimness.

And of course there were the mainframe contract "maintenance," renewal, and drop-dead features dating back to the ?1970s.

If you were fighting a patent troll, you might inject some levity and cite Bill Gates' trash-talking (at user groups across the country) the CA Homebrew Computer Club, castigating 90% of them for stealing his MS BASIC on punched tape. Thats a central enforcement mechanism. Shame probably no longer need apply.
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