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Old October 15th, 2019, 01:26 PM
Shani Naylor
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3020 LOCKS-AND-LICE results

Hi all

Our runaway winner this round with 8 points is Tim Lodge with his "noodles
and rice" def. Runners up were Dan & Johnny with 5 votes a piece. The real
def came from an old dictionary and was voted for by 4 players.

Take it away Tim!

1. A schoolboy nickname for a dish of noodles and rice, frequently
served under food rationing in Britain during the Second World War.
Tim L, who voted 7 & *8. Score: 8
Votes from Efrem M, Nancy S, Judy M, Dave C, Guerri S & Debbie E.

2. [Cockney rhyming slang] Dice.
Mike S, who voted 7 & 10. Score: 1

Vote from Nancy S.

3. [Scottish] Parts of the loom: The locks of the loom press the
newly created weft thread against the already woven fabric using a lice and
thus allowing more design possibilities.
Debbie E, who voted 1 & 11. Score: 2

Votes from Johnny B & Tim B.

4. A brand name for ivermectin, which is an effective alternative for
the treatment of head-lice infestation, hence reference to "locks."
Judy M, who voted 1 & 11. Score: 0
No votes.

5. Mice (rhyming slang).
Tim B, who voted 3 & 6. Score: 1
Vote from Ryan M.

6. An image or diagram containing lines, usually horizontal,
vertical, and diagonal, sometimes of varying widths, used to test the
accuracy of reproduction of image copying or transmission equipment.
Dan W, who voted 7 & *8. Score: 5
Votes from Efrem M, Dave C & Tim B.

7. Something very likely to be liked.
Johnny B, who voted 3 & *8. Score: 5
Vote from Mike S, Dan W & Tim L.

8. A kind of cloth.
Dictionary of Obsolete and Provincial English. D4
Votes from Tony A, Dan W, Johnny B & Tim L.

9. [sl.] Spice (in imitation of UK "rhyming slang.")
Dave C, who voted 1 & 6. Score: 1
Vote from Ryan M.

10. A hula hoop technique for two people.
Guerri S, who voted 1 & 11. Score: 1
Vote from Mike S.

11. Traditional New Zealand sandwich made with Marmite, smoked fish and
Efrem M, who voted 1 & 6. Score: 3
Votes from Tony A, Judy M, Guerri S & Debbie E

No def: Tony A, who voted *8 & 11. Score: 2

Nancy S, who voted 1 & 2. Score: 0

Ryan M, who voted 5 & 9. Score: 0

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