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Old August 19th, 2019, 04:16 AM
Shani Naylor
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3007 results

Hi all

This was a relatively low scoring round. Our next dealer is Dan W, with 4
unnatural points, for his monochromatic painting. The real winners, with 3
natural points, are Chris C & Tim B.

Take it away Dan!

1. Swagger or bluster.

Chris C, who voted 10 & 12. Score: 3

Votes from Efrem M, Tim L & Tim B.

2. A subsidiary anvil in a forge, used for delicate work.

Tim B, who voted 1 & 11. Score: 3

Votes from Efrem M, Dan W & Debbie E.

3. Wooden throwing stick with an angled end.

Babylon dictionary D3

Votes from Dan W, Johnny B & Judy M.

4. Plate armor for the elbow and forearm.

Efrem M, who voted 1 & 2. Score: 1

Vote from Debbie E.

5. Hydrobromic acid.

Guerri S, who didn’t vote. Score: 1

Votes from Mike S

6. A hat similar to a derby with a broader brim.
Tony A, who didn’t vote. Score: 1

Vote from Johnny B.

7. (Paint.) A painting all of one color, as a sepia painting, or an
India painting.
Dan W, who voted 2 & *3. Score: 4

Votes from Mike S & Tim L.

8. A whip, traditionally made of hippopotamus hide and used for
punishment in parts of the Middle East, especially in Egypt, from Pharaonic
times until the early 1900s and in the Ottoman Empire.

Judy M, who voted *3 & 9. Score: 2

No votes.

9. A Maori version of the boomerang with sharp prongs.

Johnny B, who voted *3 & 6. Score: 3

Vote from Judy M.

10. A small tree-kangaroo (Dendrolagus matchiei) native to Papua-New
Mike S, who voted 5 & & 7. Score: 1

Vote from Chris C.

11. A rank of officer in the army of the Ottoman Empire, equivalent to
captain in other armies.

Tim L, who voted 1 & 7. Score: 1

Vote from Tim B.

12. A wedding engagement party.
Debbie E, who voted 2 & 4. Score: 1

Vote from Chris C.

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