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Old May 25th, 2005, 12:27 PM
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Smile In case you're wondering....

"SMM Associates" is my consulting business. Ten years of agony, ducking bill collectors, keeping the kid out of my office when I'm working, and getting the coocoo spaniel who didn't know the difference between grass and carpeting outside before it was too late.

Well, the kid is living with my sister in Columbus and going to school there. The coocoo spaniel passed on - lung cancer - and I'm probably the only IC in town who knows what an AS/36 is.... Not setting the world on fire, but having fun.

Last January 2nd my daughter showed up: "Hi Daddy! His name is Sammy. He's 13 weeks. Bye!" and headed back to school. Fuzzy butt is a real time sink, and I spent a ton putting in a doggie door (in a "patio door") for him - lots of parts not supplied, and I'm an incomptent installer, but he's fun.

Third dog since we've been married, but the first puppy. Jack Russell Terrier, but I think Tasmanian Devil is more accurate. About six months in this picture:

Anyway, I'm still "around". Mostly I've been active in the Concealed Carry movement here in OH and around the country. Old rent-a-cop. I expect that'll light a few fires.

Regards to all!

On the technical side, I've been using a couple boards of this type for some time now. Excellent choice! I've gotten to appreciate avatars and smilies and things like that - mostly 'cause they're unobtrusive, but sometimes useful. I'd like to see some avatars here, but let's keep 'em down to about postage-stamp size.

(Why write a quick note when you can write a novel?)

New (to us) arrival in early January 2005 - he was 13 weeks then. This pic about six months. Sammy's a Tasmanian Devil....
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