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Old June 19th, 2022, 11:44 AM
John Barrs
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Default [Dixonary] 3259 - OVER BOGIE Results

Firstly, apologies for a delay in posting the results - blame ME/CFIDS and

I will admit that OVER BOGIE is more often spelt OWER BOGIE but it is
pretty rare and very dated anyway. It means *over the river Bogie* which is
a river in Aberdeenshire in Scotland and was an expression meaning that it
was there that a couple could be married by a magistrate without the
sometimes overwhelming presence of the kirk

Debbie E is our next dealer with an unnatural 5 with Efrem M and Debby F
real winners with 4 each - although Debby F is an unnatural 4 so, over to


1 Superfluous submitted by Paul K who
voted for 3, 9

received votes from Tim L 1

2 Much talk with little to say; redundancy; pleonasm
submitted by Judy M who voted for 4*, 6

received votes from Tim L 3*

3 An articulated subframe carrying two or more support rollers
on a tracked vehicle submitted by Efrem E who voted for
9, 5

received votes from Tim B, Shani N, Dan W, Paul
K 4

4 An expression used in Scotland for a wedding conducted by a
magistrate, not a clergyman (Like a Gretna Green Wedding)

submitted by dbpe submitted by dia,org Who
cannot vote received votes from Judy M. Debbie E, Debby
F D3

5 (slang) Truckers' expression for an overweight vehicle
submitted by Debby F who voted for 4* ,6

received votes from Debbie E, Efrem E 4*

6 A 1940's trend among men to imitate characters played by
Humphrey Bogart, i.e., tough, reckless and anchored by a hidden moral
code submitted by Debbie E

who voted for 4*, 5 received votes from Judy
M, Tim B, Debbie E, Debby F 5*

7 A little elevated spot or clump of earth, roots, and grass,
in a marsh or swamp submitted by Dan W who voted for 3,

No votes 0

8 [Rest. sl.] A triple-decker sandwich with all the
fixings submitted by Mike S who voted for 9, 10

received votes from Dan W 1

9 The part of an aircraft's undercarriage above the
wheels submitted by Tim L who voted for 1, 2

received votes from Mike S, Shani N, Efrem E, Paul
K 3

10 The portion of a shoe or boot upper that covers the instep
and toes submitted by Shani N who voted for 3, 9

received votes from Mike S 1

11 A spurious echo artifact on a radar screen
submitted by Toni A Who did not vote

No votes 0

* <no Def> submitted by Tim B who
voted for 3, 6

No votes 0



Debbie E


Debby F


Efrem E


Judy M


Tim L


Paul K


Mike S


Shani N


Dan W


Toni A


Tim B


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