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Old October 27th, 2019, 10:50 AM
Stephen Dixon
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3023 - Adelaster - The Defs

Here we go, with thirteen excellent definitions for *** ADELASTER *** only
one of which is real.

*Vote for TWO* by publicly replying to this message. new voter/players are
welcome but do not look up the word until after you have sent your vote.

The deadline for voting will be:

8 PM EDT Monday, October 28 - US
Midnight GMT/UTC (London)
1:00 AM Tuesday, October 29 (Paris)
2:00 AM Tuesday, October 29 (Jerusalem)
3:00 AM Tuesday, October 29 (Moscow)
9:00 Am Tuesday, October 29 (Tokyo)
11:00 AM Tuesday, October 29 (Sydney, AUS)


1. an embossed official seal affixed to documents issued by a
government body, proving their authenticity.

2. one who entertains foolish speculations.

3. a neutron star; sometimes also used for a black-hole [Gk, *adelos* =
unseen + *aster* = star]

4. the principal magistrate, comparable to a mayor, of
a city or town in the Netherlands, Flanders, Austria, or Germany.

5. a small wheel, made of leather, with rounded edges, used in
polishing spoons, etc.

6. a kind of pottage, of which a mess was offered to the Kings of
England on their coronation-day, by the lord of the manor of Addington in
Surrey, being the ‘service’ by which that manor was held.

7. an ornamental houseplant having mostly roundish leaves with
dominant white veins; provisional name for a plant whose flowers are

8. a mounted spearman in the Persian army; a formation of such

9. a medicinal poultice made of flowers and herbs.

10. a hybrid flower patented by Luther Burbank in 1912.

11. a form of flexible last for boot-making.

12. a patented device to assist with the donning of a corset.

13. a clerical figure who anoints royalty with divine blessing.

Stephen Dixon
email: stevedixon46 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

With the right music, you either forget everything...OR, you remember

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