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Old May 27th, 2005, 08:53 PM
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Cool Official move vote (so far)

Okay, I've tallied the votes (so far) regarding the move preferences.

Here's the summary:

1 player cast an "email only" vote (they would not use the web).
6 additional players expressed a preference for email, including comments regarding financial impact of using the web and indications their participation might be more limited.
2 players voted a firm "no preference"
10 players expressed a preference for the tapcis.com web forum.
0 players indicated "web only". All appear content to use email, at least as a temporary solution.
5 recent players still haven't voted.

The majority of players who voted desire to use the new web forum.

However, there is at least one player who would leave and a few others who might limit their participation (and some who would pay more to play) if the game moved to the web.

I hereby officially decree (hey, who put me in charge?) that the *temporary* official home of the game will be the Coryphaeus email list.

However, given the preference for the forum, and some of the peculiarities of the email list that make it less than optimal for permanent use, I will continue to work with the web forum administrators to try to set up an email interface to the board which will be acceptable to those players who want to use email exclusively. Once that is done, and everyone has a chance to kick the tires, we can have another "vote".

I hope this satisfies everyone in the near term.

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