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Tim B
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3249 WHEAL: Call for votes

It's time to vote!

Please vote for TWO definitions, as a public forum message (in reply to this one), before the
deadline, which is 6 pm BST (1700 UTC) on Wednesday 4th May. I'm sorry the time is a little shorter
than I usually allow, but because of other commitments it's that or Thursday afternoon.

The US time equivalents are probably 1 pm EDT and 10 am PDT on the same day.

New players are welcome, even if you didn't enter a definition this round. Don't look in a
dictionary. Full rules, if you're curious, are in the file RULES.DIX in library 17.

1 A holy place
2 To surrender.
3 A place of work [Cornish huel].
4 A cutout cross section of a conch shell.
5 A ring fixed to the structure of a ship as a hold for small lines, tackles, etc.
6 A kind of broken gait, or pace, between an amble and a gallop; reputed a defect in a horse.
7 [Bot.] a plant structure in which leaves grow directly from the central stem, not from branches or
subsidiary stems.
8 [Devon dialect] a flock of wading birds in flight, particularly those of the family _Calidris_
including Dunlins, Knots, and Sandpipers.
9 (Mus.) A passing from one note to another by an interval, especially by a long one, or by one
including several other and intermediate intervals.

Best wishes,
Tim Bourne.

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