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Default Re: [Dixonary] OT: Gmail Failure?


your normal login is via TB - ¿ yes? --- OK

every now and then Gmail decides that because it hasn't seen you for a
while then you have to use your browser to login *that is what they
mean by a "web login" -- so go to whatever browser you use - mine is
firefox - and go to gmail and login -- that should solve the problem

On 28/11/2016 12:08, Guerri Stevens wrote:
> I have a Gmail account for things like online orders. All of a sudden
> I cannot get mail on that account. It claims the sending of my
> password did not succeed. It says a "web login" is needed. I'm not
> sure I even know how to do that but will look at my notes. Does anyone
> know whether there is something going on with GMAIL? Like some kind of
> hacking that they are dealing with?

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