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Originally Posted by Guerri Stevens View Post
Thanks to all who replied. I did the web login that Gmail seemed to
want. I am not sure what I changed, if anything, but Tbird now seems to
be collecting messages as it should (I hope that statement doesn't jinx me).

I did wonder about the IP address: who assigns it? If the entity
assigning it changes it, would that matter? If so, shouldn't I have been

According to my notes the last time I updated Tbird was in April. But
the reliability of my notes is unknown.

Then there is the Adobe Flash Player which demands to be updated
monthly. And who knows how that might affect anything else. Another
thing is the AVG antivirus software. It has, at least lately, installed
something that wants to update/install AVG Secure Search or an update
request for it, without giving the user a choice. There is a way to kill
the update request but maybe there is something wrong there.

The upshot of all of this is that things seem to be back to normal,
whatever that means.
I have had good results by using the web page periodically to check whether my FF and Flash need to be patched / updated. But it doesn't check TB

I read security RSS news feeds from Internet Storm Center and update TB if I see a story about a hole in it. TB is a rather mature program so it should be ok though to let it update automatically.
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