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Mike Shefler
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3005 vote for PADDO

Here are 12 definitions for PADDO, one of which came from a real
dictionary. Vote for your two favorites no later than 5 PM EDT, Sunday,
August 11.

1. rough limestone country with underground drainage.

2. (a) A tidal flood which regularly or occasionally rushes into certain
rivers of peculiar configuration or location, in one or more waves
which present a very abrupt front of considerable height, dangerous
to shipping, as at the mouth of the Amazon, in South America, the
Hoogly and Indus, in India, and the Tsien-tang, in China. (b) Less
properly, a very high and rapid tidal flow, when not so abrupt, such
as occurs at the Bay of Fundy and in the British Channel.

3. inferior liquor; a public house that sells this.

4. fermented bean-curd.

5. an Indonesian dessert made from rice balls sweetened with flavored

6. [Sl.] any Asian dish consisting mainly of noodles in a sweet sauce.

7. [Sl.] a local political boss in Spain and Latin America .

8. [Sl.] an octogenarian or any very old person.

9. [Fin.] grief or mourning.

10. a packsaddle made of a stuffed leather pad.

11. a frog.

12. [Scot.] a medium sized grey to greenish toadstool with a slimy cap.

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