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Default [Dixonary] Round 2991, FUGELMAN


The word for Round 2991 is:


where capitalization just makes the letters easier to read. It has no other significance.

Please send your invented definitions of FUGELMAN by private email to emallach at verizon dot net in the next 46-47 hours, by 9 am US EDT on Thurs., June 20. If you know what it means, please let me know ASAP by private email to the same address. If enough people know it I'll pick another word - hopefully in time to keep the deadline. Just don't hit Reply or Reply All. Either will send your message to the whole group.

According to <>, the deadline is:

and other times in other places. You might want to confirm any time conversion that affects you. That site's good, but nobody's perfect.

I expect votes to be due two days later, 9 am Saturday in the eastern U.S..

New players are welcome. (So are old ones who've been quiet for a while. Come back to the fold.) Just send in a definition that you invented without looking up what the word really means. Full rules at <>.


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