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Hi Steve! I'm a holdover from the good old days of the TapCis program.

Neil Rubenking is alive and kicking, try Google and you'll see.

Fernando Gelbard is still going strong too. Take a look at for a fun bio (if not quite the 'Nando we knew and loved).

Anders Sterner (Arsesq) has a great mailing list he calls Usual Suspects. Some of the Old Guard are with him, and many others, mostly very much in the spirit of the old Tapcis gang. If you'd like to be added, I can ask him.

Alas! Many of the names I have news about are obituaries.

Wayne Scott died a few years ago. He'd moved to be with one of his sons in (I think) Hawaii and faded out peacefully, according to Judy.

There are a few other names scattered among my emails of the last few years. I'll get back as they surface.

I wish more of us checked in here more often too. So many forums and blogs on things that interest me, so little time! But nothing like the wide-ranging intellects and interests of the Tapcis gang, that's for sure.

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