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Default COMPUSERVE boxes at AOL, not again, pls

has it started again? pls, someone say 'NO', and it is a hickup only.

since yesterday night (EUR) all mail send to COMPUSERVE addrss gets an error: '' ... host mta-in.
gmta[] said: 550 5.1.1 <>: Recipient
address rejected:

there is also no POP3 access, and worse: also no access to webmail at all. seeing the error
counter there, it looks like 40-50 failed attempts per minute. not sure this says anything, but ...

have been able to check with 3 mailboxes, all the same. anybody here has any better news? mike?

so far this all lasted for about 12 hrs, but well during night in the USA, so lets see what happens
once they wake up.

greetings - heinz -

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