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Default A technical question about Tapcis!

Here's a question for anyone who can remember that far back

I was reading about a patent troll named Lodsys that has started suing everyone and their dog over what look like very questionable patents. Some people have fought back by filing for declaratory judgements (pre-emptively filing with a court seeking to have the court declare that what they do does not infringe on the patent or that the patent is invalid), and in some of those cases the initial threat letters from Lodsys have become public.

Here is a recent article about it in Groklaw

Here is a PDF of a claim construction that Lodsys sent to ESET. The claim construction lays out details of how Lodsys alleges that ESET's product infringes on a patent claim by mapping each element of the claim to an element of their product.

Now here is the relevance to TapCIS: The Lodsys patent goes back to the 1990's. I don't have the exact priority date but it has to be later than 1991. Showing that everything that is in the patent was in a product in the 1980's would work to invalidate it by reason of prior art.

If you look at the PDF, it shows ESET having a registration reminder screen that the user can click on to enter credit card and other information that is sent to ESET who uses the information and can save some of it for future use.

My question for Tapcis people, is this: Didn't Tapcis have a free trial when you downloaded and then when the trial was about to run out have some sort of reminder that let you register with a credit card or through your CompuServe account? Did it have all the elements listed in the PDF slides?

Also, what year did Tapcis appear? While looking this up I noticed that the Wikipedia article on Tapcis says that it came out in 1981, but it also says that it is written in Turbo Pascal, and the article on Turbo Pascal says that first came out in that name and for DOS at the end of 1983.
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