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Tim Lodge
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3268 HARMAN Reminder

With about 10½ hours to go, I've now received defs of the word HARMAN from
the following 9 players:

Johnny Barrs, Debbie Embler, Deborah Fein, Paul Keating, Judy
Madnick, Efrem Mallach, Shani Naylor, Mike Shefler, and Dan Widdis

There's room for plenty more, so if your name isn't here, please send me a
def by email to dix (AT) timlodge (DOT) before the deadline of:

09:00 UTC/GMT on Thursday 21st July
10:00 BST in London
11:00 CET in France and the Netherlands
5:00 AM EDT in New York
2:00 AM PDT in California
21:00 NZST in New Zealand

-- Tim L

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