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Efrem G Mallach
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Default [Dixonary] Round 3267 word, BAFT


This didn't come as a surprise; I watched the votes come in. The word for Round 3267 is:

where capitalization has no significance. Not "daft." Not "haft." Not "raft." Not "waft." Not even "zaft"(ig). BAFT. Deal with it.

Please send your fake definition of BAFT to emallach at verizon dot net by 9 am North America EDT, Sun., July 17 - a bit over 45 hours from now. Don't Reply to this message without changing your reply's To field, or you'll send your fake def to all of us.

If you know what BAFT means, please let me know ASAP the same way. If enough people know it, I'll replace it.

According to<>, which is usually reliable, the deadline is also:


etc. You might want to confirm any conversion that affects you. I expect votes to be due 48 hours later.

New players are welcome, as are old ones who've been quiet for a while. Just send me a definition that you invented without looking up the word. Full rules at


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