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Daniel Widdis
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Default Re: [Dixonary] Dixonary Ancient History

Or someone else can read the archives the archivist put together.

First use of "crown" in reference to a Dixon appears to be in round 579,
with Vince Risi (the last player to have Dixoned) telling Dan O'Connell
(the latest Dixon): "Do I now get the chance to pass on the Dixonary Crown
to you." Although there appeared to be some confusion after that
statement so while Dixoning was well established prior to that, its
association with a crown might not have been, or have just been starting.
However, it clearly was so associated within a few dozen rounds later.

Karen Vanderpool clearly mentions it in round 600 with her woid
announcement: "Please send the defs by *e-mail* or *private* posting in
reply to this message, unless you want to wear the heavy Dixon Club
President's Crown." Stu Lieber followed up in Round 601 with a similar
warning: "Make sure you send it e-mail, and not public - or we'll all
laugh at you, and you'll have to wear this funny virtual crown till the
next round."

Mention of the crown continues through the 600's, with increasing comments
about its bejeweled-ness, and Karen Vanderpool its apparent custodian to
hand out to the current wearer.


On 8/10/11 5:16 PM, Jim Hart wrote:
>I haven't seen the verb "to benner" for quite a while. Dixoning
>obviously lives on, and I vaguely recall the first time a crown was
>awarded for it... possibly by Karen Vanderpool? Perhaps our archivist
>knows since he knows everything else about the game.
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