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Dave Cunningham
June 15th, 2005, 07:59 PM
Little did I know that almost everyone would be "sure" it was Arabic for "market"! And I dang near got a D0 <g>

1. Music, often just a beat using drums and sticks, used for dancing in sub-Saharan French-speaking Africa -possibly a corruption of 'juke'. [Barrs] 5 20 (

Widdis) (Savage) 2 points

2. A traveler's rest-house at the end of a road traveled by relays of palanquins [Goran] 12 20 (Schultz) (Jordan) 2

3. A large horse-drawn passenger carriage. (Amish) [Scott] 7 12 (Marijke) (Kornelis) 2

4. A shaft in a glacier caused by water running down a crack [Madnick] 5 20 (Schultz) (Kryvko) 2

5. A market, or part of a market, in an Arab city. (Var. of _souk_.) [Crom] 13 20
An Arab marketplace, esp the traditional bazzaar. [Hirst] NV
(Middle East) Bazaar; marketplace. [Stevens] DQ
[Arab.] marketplace. [Emery] 13 18 (Madnick) (Barrs) (Lodge) 3 points each

6. One of the bad guys in the German translation of the Superman comics. [Kornelis] 3 13 nil

7. Mist; smoke; damp [Prov. Eng.] [Kryvko] 4 11 (Scott) 1

8. To deliver a surprise fatal blow against an enemy in D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) [RToll] 15 19 (Lodge) 1

9. The common eggplant. [Savage] 1 18 (Marijke) 1

10. (Music) A style of guitar playing in which an object, such as a piece of glass or metal, is passed across the strings to achieve a gliding sound. [Widdis] 1 20

(Wetzstein) 1

11. The letter Z in Africaans. [Wetzstein] 10 12 (Kryvko) (Jordan) 2

12. A large black cap, usually of sheepskin or felt, worn in Turkey, the Caucasus, Iran, and neighboring regions. [Carson] 13 15 (Wetzstein) (Scott) (Gotran) 3

13. An enclosure for camels. [Lodge] 5 8 (Shepherdson) (Kornelis) (Emery) (Abell) (Crom) (Heimerson) (Carson) 7!!!<<<

14. [Pers.] A ribald tale acted out in pantomime by members of the caliph's harem, as entertainment for guests, and often set to music. [Shefler] NV nil

15. [Arab.] rock column or arch formed by wind erosion. [Marijke] 3 9 (Toll) (Abell) (Carson) 3

16. A popular dance music of the French West Indies, combining African drumming styles with influences from American and Caribbean popular music. [AHD]

(Shepherdson) D1

17. A silver coin of ancient Palestine. [Heimerson] 13 20 nil

18. A two-masted fishing vessel. [Shepherdson] 13 *16 (Savage) (Emery) 2+2 = 4

19. A usu. colorless aniseed-flavored liqueur. [Abell] 13 15 (Toll) 1

20. [Arab.] A thick, tufted cushion placed on the floor for seating. [Schultz] 2 4 (Widdis) (Madnick) (Barrs) (Crom) (Heimerson) (Goran) 6!

Making Tim Lodge the next dealer -- and Dodi Schultz the "winner"! Congratulations!