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Hugo Kornelis
June 11th, 2005, 05:01 PM
Hi all,

I feel miserable. I just found out (after being tipped by Nancy) that I mess up when posting my new word, yesterday. Due to my fault, the message appeared fine on the Coryphaeus group, but not on Tapcis.com - it did appear there, but as a reply in another thread. Ouch!

Since it's possible that players missed the word because of my error, I'll invoke the dealer's priviledge (sp?) to extend the deadline. The new deadline for submitting your defs is:
June 12, 8:00 in the Netherlands
June 12, 6:00 GMT/UTC
June 12, 2:00 AM EDT

And here is a repost of my original message, for those who missed it:

Hi all,

I can't say I was caught by surprise. When I checked my mail this morning and saw lots of votes for my definition, I knew it was time to hit the dictionary and start hunting for a new word.

This is the word I found:

* H A K S P E K *

That is HAKSPEK. Or hakspek, Hakspek, or maybe even haKsPeK. Who knows? (I do, but I won't tell <g>)

The deadline for submitting your definitions is (snip - see above for new deadline)

New to the game? Like to participate but unsure what to do? No problem - the rules are easy:
1. DON'T LOOK UP THE WORD IN YOUR DICTIONARY!!!! If you already happen to know the meaning of the word, let me know as soon as possible (by personal e-mail - see below). You can still submit a definition to earn points by fooling the others, but you can't vote yourself. If too many people know the word, I'll just select a new one and restart the round.
2. Create a dictionary-defnition for the word. Try to make it believable, funny, or whatever else it takes to fool the other players.
3. Send your fake definition to me, BY PERSONAL E-MAIL!! If you read this on the web, send e-mail to hugo (AT) perfact (DOT) info - don't post a reply to this message on the web!! If you read this in a mail from the Coryphaeus Yahoo Group, send e-mail to hugo (AT) perfact (DOT) info - don't reply directly to this message (it will be sent to the group!)
4. Check back here later, some time after the deadline. I'll post a list of all definitions I received, plus the one and only correct definition I found in my dictionary. You'll get two chances to pick the correct one (but I'll explain that part of the game in more process in that message).

That's about it (unless I've forgotten anything). Be creative and have fun!

Best, Hugo -anticipating your daffynitions!

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