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Marijke van Gans [PG2002]
June 6th, 2005, 06:04 AM
In thread ROUND 1615 (TRAGOPAN): Cast Your Votes!

Guerri said
> > appeared to be separate threads.

Dodi said
> I honestly don't understand any of that, Guerri. [...]
> There is, of course, no "threading", [...]

In Tapcis, you see Sb: and Fm: and To: headers, and a date (and the "forum"
being called MAIL). When Tap -- or any HMI client -- sends mail to the
internet the CompuServe-end software will generate an internet-format email
Subject: taken from your Sb:
From: (and Reply-To:) taken from your ... (AT) compuserve (DOT) com address
To: taken from your To: (minus the "INTERNET:" portion)
Date: (including time) taken from the clock
It may generate a few other headers (character set, mime type, etc.) that
are the same for all emails produced this way.

With internet-to-internet emails to a mailing list in reply to that list,
many email programs send some additional headers, specific to the message
and the one(s) replied to. In suitable software this can be displayed as
threading. The tapcis.com bulletin board software appears to read those
headers too, to place messages at the appropriate place in the thread.

Tapcis doesn't generate those headers, and so the CompuServe-end software
that sends your message on to the internet cannot guess them either.
Information is lost *which* specific message (if any) of the list it is a
reply to. It ends up on the list (and tapcis.com) as an orphan, starting a
new thread with the same name as an existing thread.

For some reason CompuServe's HMI protocol, like its older ASCII protocol,
contained excellent threading for messages posted to a CompuServe forum, but
never bothered with threading for mail.

Incidentally, there is *no* way to try and craft additional headers by hand,
in your email. Everything you type yourself appears as "body" of the
message, that is, after the first blank line after the real headers.

--Regards, marijke

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