View Full Version : [Dixonary] ROUND 1615 (TRAGOPAN): Cast Your Votes!

Dodi Schultz
June 5th, 2005, 11:57 PM
Guerri, after voting, said,

>> Dodi, I think part of the confusion today is that there were at
>> least two messages from you, shown here in TAPCIS.COM's Parlor, that
>> appeared to be separate threads.

I honestly don't understand any of that, Guerri. Certainly I've written
more than two messages in Dixonary today (Sunday), under varying subject
titles. The Dixonary messages simply come into my mailbox as e-mail. The
"Fm:" line in the header is "INTERNET:coryphaeus (AT) yahoogroups (DOT) com"--which
tells me it's something that would have appeared on the message board in
the old Parlor--and the "Sb:" line, to further confirm that, always starts
with "[Dixonary]".

There is, of course, no "threading", so I can't hit Ctrl-Left to see the
message to which that message was a reply (if it WAS a reply). But that's
not a real big problem. As dealer, of course I have a copy of the defs.
Next round, I'll print out the list when it's posted.

This playing by e-mail, IMO, should work out pretty well!


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Guerri Stevens
June 6th, 2005, 09:48 PM
Dodi, because you are operating via TAPCIS Email, you don't see the threads. What happens is that any time you reply, because TAPCIS doesn't preserve the hidden codes for a thread, when your reply gets back into the TAPCIS.COM forum, your message starts a new thread. I have no idea whether the same thing happens in the group itself since I've never been there to read messages.

The same thing would happen with anyone else using TAPCIS.

I just looked at a portion of the thread list for the parlor in TAPCIS.COM and in that one section there were 5 threads initiated by you with the title "Round 1615 (TRAGOPAN): Cast Your Votes! I don't mean 5 messages in a thread, I mean 5 threads.