View Full Version : [Dixonary] Round 1615: NEW WORD & DEFS DEADLINE

Guerri Stevens
June 4th, 2005, 09:26 PM

>...Alas, one minor quibble, your latest reply did not thread to the
>message in the Tapcis.com Parlor :(

>One last thought, an email address in the posting text makes it clear

Dodi and some of the rest of us are playing the game by having messages
that are posted in the Coryphaeus group forwarded to us at our CompuServe
Email addresses. When we read our Email, we see the Internet routing
information at the end.

Since the Email addresses do not appear in the Parlor of the TAPCIS.COM
site, I think we have to make it a convention that the dealer spells that
out in the message presenting the word and I'm sure others here will agree.
We are still working our way through the kinks of carrying on with the game
in multiple venues and this is just one of those kinks.

Another kink is that apparently players such as Dodi and me who are
replying by Email, or possibly specifically by CompuServe Email using the
TAPCIS software, do not have their messages properly threaded in
TAPCIS.COM. That is something that's been mentioned before and I don't know
if there will be a solution.

Another possible kink is that messages such as yours that were posted in
the Parlor do not come through to us with any indication of the source. I
don't know whether that can be fixed either, but it causes a little
confusion when different venues see different things.

One of my quibbles, which is trivial, is that messages from TAPCIS.COM have
double signatures; for example:
Dick Toll

Dick Toll

I suspect this happens because the author of the message signs it, either
explicitly or by setting up an automatic signature. Then the process that
sends the message to the Coryphaeus group adds the sender's name at the


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