View Full Version : PDF for MS-DOS (Ghostscript)

May 15th, 2006, 03:54 AM
ESPGS Ghostscript for DJGPP / DOS:
Ghostscript can read a PostScript or PDF file and display the results on the screen or convert them into a form you can print on a non-PostScript printer. This is a re-release of ESPGS ghostscript 7.05.5 for DJGPP using a patch that was originally made available on the OKSID website in Switzerland.
Output to the various raster-printer formats seems to work fine, but I have not yet have a DOS video driver that supports VGA (for NT-based release like XP).
ESPGS Ghostscript 7.05.5 DJGPP Complete Binary Distribution August 22 2005
ESPGS 7.05.5 source with DJGPP patch and modifications
ESPSG Runtime files (Use with source distribution).


FWIW, Haven't tried this at all, so can't say anything about it.

David H.