View Full Version : YARFA- the VOTE so far!

Toni Savage
June 2nd, 2005, 06:48 AM
This is a bit odd, but I feel the need to post here the votes I've managed to gather... if you have voted and don't see your vote here, please make sure the title of the thread or message you post is "Vote for YARFA" or something close. I haven't had time to read much of the rest of what's been pouring into my mailbox.

From: "Hugo Kornelis" <hugo@perFact.info>
for #2 and #9.

From: "Dodi Schultz" <schultz@compuserve.com>
1 and 7

From: "Marijke van Gans [PG2002]" <marijke@for.mat.bham.ac.uk>
4 and 10

From: "mshefler" <stamps@salsgiver.com>
7 and 16

From: "Tony Abell" <aabell@compuserve.com>
8 and 9

From: "Bill Hirst" <billhirst@comcast.net>
2 and 5,

From: "franellewetz" <Franelle@rcn.com>
3 and 6

From: "Tim Bourne" <Tim.Bourne1@ntlworld.com>
9 and 13

From: "Dick Toll" <rtoll@uoguelph.ca>
4 and 7

From: "John Barrs" <john.barrs@ntlworld.com>
3 and 9

From: "nshepherdson" <nancyshepherdson@hotmail.com>
4 and 18

From: "Daniel Widdis" <widdis@gmail.com>
10 and 14

From: "Dave Cunningham" <cunn5393@bellsouth.net>
8 and 9

From: "Chris Carson" <ccarson@ix.netcom.com>
13 and 15

From: "heimerson" <heimerson@earthlink.net>
1 and 11

From: "Guerri Stevens" <guerri@compuserve.com>
4 and 6

From:Judy Madnick email@judyandstu.com
3 and 10

From: "Paul Keating" <coryphaeus@prodigycomputing.com>
3 and 6