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January 3rd, 2006, 01:44 PM
This link goes to a technical article about how to put vbulletin conversations into RSS feeds on web pages:


Or at least that's how I read it.

I'm not suggesting that anybody volunteer to try to do this!

I just thinking that RSS (e.g. for blogs, etc.) is becoming popular enough now that such capability might soon be incorporated into bulletin board systems as a standard feature.

And if there do exist RSS readers (a.k.a. news readers, having usurped that name from the NNTP readers) that support OLR and thread tree capability, then OLR's might make somewhat of a "comeback".


Unfortunately RSS readers will also make an excellent vector for propagating malware and such OLR's would probably not have posting ability.

January 3rd, 2006, 02:04 PM
A lot of RSS feeds have a lot of junk (i.e. ads and other stuff on the particular webpage containing a post) and so would be less suitable for aggregation by an OLR styled RSS reader. But presumably feeds from a bulletin board could be less cluttered and more amenable to such aggregation.

David H.

Judy G. Russell
January 4th, 2006, 11:29 AM
Interesting. We may want to try this on the Tapcis.com homepage.