View Full Version : The truth about Santa Claus

December 25th, 2005, 01:22 PM
A little late for this year, but then it was originally for 1897...



Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

Judy G. Russell
December 25th, 2005, 01:54 PM
Sigh... it's as lovely in 2005 as I expect it was in 1897. Thanks for the link, Jeff!

Bill Hirst
December 27th, 2005, 05:30 AM
Last week the UPS truck threw up in front of my house. Santa has to use more modern delivery methods for those of us who use the internet to send our Christmas list to the North Pole (dot com).

Judy G. Russell
December 27th, 2005, 12:07 PM
The UPS truck made it for all but one of my internet gifts. That one is probably sitting in my office, when it should be in the hands of my five-year-old grandniece in Kentucky!

January 1st, 2006, 05:08 PM
He's dead, Jim!

Father Christmas found dead in Essex churchyard... (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2005/12/24/ndeadsanta24.xml)

Judy G. Russell
January 1st, 2006, 10:18 PM
I'm shocked! Just shocked, I tell you! Next thing, you'll be trying to tell me there's no Easter Bunny!